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6030 Hwy 85 Suite 106 Riverdale GA 30274
Preparing Today’s Youth For Tomorrow’s Film and Entertainment Industry.

Dream Makerz Foundation believes “At-risk” youth who feel socially isolated from their peers have a higher rate of violent behavior/bullying and toxic thoughts. At-risk youth are more likely to be engaged in a number of risky behaviors, which may cause them to be suspended and/or expelled from structured school day. In addition, having too much free unproductive time only increases these behaviors. Therefore, Dream Makerz Foundation believes in providing a program that will allow them to be innovative in positive ways they can ultimately use in their chosen profession within the entertainment industry. Consequently, once these adolescents are productively engaged in our programs, it will translate into closing the Achievement gap, increase character and reduce negative behaviors in society as a whole.

Wave Theory Digital Music

Bridging the knowledge of the music business as well as the creative production process that will guide them on their journey to engineering and market their artistry.

Visual Arts ( Film & Photography)

Exposing The latest trends in Film Production and Digital film making to prepare them for meaningful work in the Film industry, including but not limited to, “Documentaries,” “Family-Friendly Films,” “International Films,”( which promotes global interfacing) and mainstream motion pictures.

R.T.A.N Drone Academy

A stem engagement program with an introduction to Drones and Technology.

Legacy Building

A combination of Life skills, Academics and Financial literacy with a strong focus on Entrepreneurship.

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Why Entertainment?

The Arts-Visual arts, Technology and Music can have a very positive effect on youth who are facing tough challenges in their lives. In addition, the STEAM initiative( Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math) are all vital in the Entertainment Industry. According to research at-risk youth who have access to arts, in and out of school tend to have:

  • Better Academic results
  • Are More likely to enroll in college
  • Increase self-esteem and resiliency
  • Better workforce opportunities
  • More civic engagement such as voting and improving their communities