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6030 Hwy 85 Suite 106 Riverdale GA 30274

Ms. Crawford was a licensed salesperson for nine year and over 25 years of passion and dedication helping families and friends become homeowners. Ms. Crawford worked for several small brokerages in Greater/Southern DeKalb County. She was selected as Agent of the Month for both listings and sales. Ms. Crawford managed properties for owners who lived out of town as a salesperson. She continued to be involved in the trade after placing her license on inactive status including being a homeowner. Having acquired a number of rental properties, she has managed them for many years. She relocated to the Historic State of Louisiana where she became a Notary with State Wide Jurisdiction and conducted a large number of real estate closings. Louisiana notaries have a number of powers including transferring real and personal property. Ms. Crawford was a Georgia Notaries for over 10 year and is now a Clayton County, Georgia notary. Ms. Crawford is committed to serving the community, creating new strategies, and by locating resources for families and individuals who need help with current and future housing decisions. She has the heart of a dedicated servant and lives for making other dreams come true.