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6030 Hwy 85 Suite 106 Riverdale GA 30274

Jaymes Ball (Owner & Operator) Music Producer Liquidfatigue Music Publishing BMI new era a new sound and a new approach to music. The (Thr3e Movement) is just that! Thr3efourteen/The Producer Thr3efourteen/The Melody Maker/Arranger Thr3efourteen/The Composer/Songwriter Born and raised in Canton, Ohio a city well known for greatness. A hometown he shares with the legendary O’Jays, Rock/Shocker Marilyn Manson, and the Jazzy vocal pop sensation Macy Gray. Now the time has come for Thr3efourteen The Superstar Producer. Thr3efourteen as a child could always be found near the closest radio or record player soaking in any, and all the sounds that one could ever imagine. Introduced to music at an early age by his cousin Jay Foster, Thr3efourteen began his music career following in the steps of his cousin as a DJ spinning wax, however Thr3efourteen would find himself entranced by the magic inside the music. How the strings carried melody while the horns added punch, and the bass and drums drove a beat home. It is what would lead Thr3efourteen on a journey to become a master at making that magic.

Cutting his first demo with Kevin Yost in Waynesboro, PA. He began mixing and creating music freely doing R&B, Jazz, House, and Hip Hop and all the music he loved blended, (Later Called Neo Soul) which later gave him the confidence to stand on his own and feel good about what he was creating. In a career that has been spent mostly under the national radar,this artist first became one of the most sought after Producers in the state of Ohio by new artist struggling to establish a signature sound. Not a lot of hype but a lot of hard and great sounding work has earned Thr3efourteen this title confirmed by all who have witnessed his talent.

What is the Thr3efourteen sound? Many have asked! Not 1 style, but many, Not one genre, but any. Thr3efourteen has earned his reputation by giving artist a sound not in line with what he feels, but one that feels tailored for what the artist needs to make the song “Touch you in the way it was meant to”. Thr3efourteen has produced music for the following,Trick Daddy, Brains Davis (aka MC Brainsz), ATL’s own East Side Boys, Songwriter/Producer Michelle Bell, Dave Toliver Of Men At Large/Songwriter, Songwriter Chric Coto of Lyrand Publishing, NFL’s Mike Doss (story of a champion) 110 feet Documentary score and theme song, Young Breed Of Def Jam/ Maybach Music Group Triple C’s, Pop Princess Alex Young, Theme Song for Melissa Johnson & NFL Boot Camp 2008 Theme Music, Jive/Slip-n-Slide Artist Qwote, Cy Harp & The All Honesty Movement, Nomads, One, Dogzilla Of Mo Thug Family,GEA Of Infinite Soul, H~Towns TMI Boyz, Producer Bernadett Cooper & Klymaxx, Poet/Writer/Singer Neo Souljah, Camala Douglas of Fitness Wellness and Health, Shar jazz flutest, (Christian Artist Kingdom Souljahz, Alton Lee & First Family and Cherysh Records (gospel artist) Roslyn, He’s also Produced for many indie labels and often compared to the likes of Dr. Dre for his consistency of appeal, Prince in the ability to change genres with ease, and Jam & Lewis with the incredibly melodic tunes he creates, The “Superstar Producer” stands ready to take his rightful place along side names like the Neptunes, Darkchild, Tone & Poke, and the like. The secret is getting out The Marketing is in his MUSIC!